Ravindra Shinde

Ravindra Shinde

Research Scientist

University of Twente, The Netherlands
प्रतिपच्चंद्रलेखेव वर्धिष्णुर्विश्ववंदिता शाहसुनोः शिवस्यैषा मुद्रा भद्राय राजते.

I am a theoretical and computational condensed matter physicist and quantum chemist. I am currently working as a research scientist in the TREX-CoE at the University of Twente, the Netherlands. My research focuses on achieving the Exascale computational performance for obtaining true chemical accuracy.

I have 10 years of total research experience, with six years in scientific code development. I have theoretically formulated new methodologies and implemented them in leading open source codes. I have authored 16 research articles, one book, and peer-reviewed 26 manuscripts.

I combine atomistic modeling, both at the electronic (quantum) and atomic levels, in my research. I am excited and passionate about developing new ways to solve novel problems in materials science and chemistry in silico to accelerate scientific discovery.

In the free time, I do trekking, cycling, painting, sketching, and gardening.

  • Ph.D. in Physics, 2014

    Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India

  • M.Sc. in Physics, 2009

    Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India

Research Interests
  • Exascale Scientific Computing
  • Method Development
  • Quantum Chemistry
  • Computational Materials Science
  • Computational Physics