Multiple triple-point fermions in Heusler compounds

Using the density functional theoretical calculations, we report a new set of topological semimetals X2YZ, which show the existence of multiple topological triple point fermions along four independent axes. This intermediate linearly dispersive degeneracy between Weyl and Dirac points may offer prospective candidates for quantum transport applications.

Pressure-Induced Topological Phase Transitions in CdGeSb2 and CdSnSb2

Using first-principles calculations, we study the occurrence of topological quantum phase transitions (TQPTs) as a function of hydrostatic pressure in CdGeSb2 and CdSnSb2 chalcopyrites

Topologically nontrivial electronic states in CaSn3

Based on the first-principles calculations, we theoretically propose topologically non-trivial states in a recently experimentally discovered superconducting material CaSn3. When the spin-orbit coupling (SOC) is ignored, the material is a host to three-dimensional topological nodal-line semimetal states.